Starting again

About 4 months ago I stopped illustrating.  I’d lost interest, confidence and inspiration.  I’m ready to find the road back.  This blog will trace the contours of my path back to telling stories through drawings.


About crayonsencore

I am teaching myself how to do illustrations for the stories that I want to tell. I started blogging in 2004, using crayons. I then moved to colored pencils, and now am experimenting with watercolors.
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5 Responses to Unsure

  1. Kristin Clausen says:

    thank you Caroline

  2. Beth Miller says:

    Caroline, I’m so glad to see you drawing again!

  3. Ted M says:

    Hi Caroline —

    Laurie excitedly sent me your new link.

    She and I are both very happy that you’re drawing again! Hooray!

    You are awesome.

  4. Puddock says:

    Just found that you are back – so glad. I very much enjoyed your life-enhancing pictures and am thrilled that you have found your zing again 🙂

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