About crayonsencore

I am teaching myself how to do illustrations for the stories that I want to tell. I started blogging in 2004, using crayons. I then moved to colored pencils, and now am experimenting with watercolors.
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13 Responses to Phoenix

  1. Lisa says:

    Caroline, what a heart-warming post! I know you said drawing cars was a challenge, but I think you did such a great job on them. I also like your perspectives (for instance the one of you leafing through the Finnish-Burmese dictionary). Oh, and I love the “Dump Nixon” sign! Your illustrations always lift my spirits! This one should be used for marketing purposes (with a big discount on future car repairs for you!)! You make me want to go to Phoenix Auto Repair from now on. It sounds like the best place ever!!!

  2. Dave Benforado says:

    Yeah! I love it, what a wonderful story. You captured the grey industrial park imagery, and the warm environs once inside the shop, very nicely. DB

  3. Oh this is grand, and the perspective worked out just fine. I love the story too, and I wish I could find such an auto repair place here in the north. I may have to move.

  4. Marianne says:

    Bravo Caroline! This is wonderful on so many levels. You have really captured the essence of this special place. It must have been hard to edit it down to the essentials but you did it. And I simply love all the different views from different angles. I’m really impressed.

  5. sue says:

    I’m so glad you’re back! I missed your lovely drawings! I have to admit, I was a blog-stalker for a long time…too shy to comment. Now I’ll be brave. I LOVE your stories and illustrations. They’re adorable!

  6. I used to love Carolne’s Crayons! I was so happy to see you back up and running with your wonderful little watercolor enhanced illustrations and stories! Thank you! When I read your little stories, I feel good about life and am able to see better the wonder of my own life and life’s small simple pleasures and challenges! You are a masterful story teller! Thanks for coming back to the “blogosphere”.

  7. Laura says:

    Wonderful story! Wonderful drawings! I love all the little details you put into it…the ‘dump nixon’ sign, the Burmese-Finnish dictionary (every good auto repair should have one), the tchotchkes. Just delightful!

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