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I am teaching myself how to do illustrations for the stories that I want to tell. I started blogging in 2004, using crayons. I then moved to colored pencils, and now am experimenting with watercolors.
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36 Responses to possum

  1. TR says:

    Great story! Fabulous art!

  2. tz.missjane says:

    I can’t believe that I didn’t see that coming!
    I liked that you kept your dad in a top hat and red cape throughout. Very funny.
    The drawing of the “dead” possum was lovely.

  3. Margaret says:

    Your stories fill me with happiness!

  4. Elaine Fine says:

    I love this Caroline! I’m forwarding it to a friend who actually keeps possums as pets!

  5. Laura Varela says:

    That’s a great story and it made me laugh. Your drawings are wonderful! Thank you for posting it!

  6. Diana says:

    Excellent in every way. I love that he wears his cape and hat when mowing the lawn. .

    • Thanks Diana. I like the word “excellent.” Yes, I decided to have him keep the costume for the entire story. I think it helped to convey his eccentric side.

  7. Maya Matthew says:

    Great story Caroline. Never seen a Possum, I don’t think we have them here in India.

  8. Maya Matthew says:

    Never seen a Possum, I don’t think we have them here in India. Wonderful story.

  9. elizabeth says:

    Great story! The drawings are among your best. The possum in the flower bed so touchingly rendered, like a detail from a medieval tapestry. Amazed by your visual memory of the period, your father’s lawn mower, the desk objects of the 60’s, arranged like surgical instruments, ready for the next operation!

  10. Morris says:

    Very puckish! I could not help but smile each time I looked at this! I love the perspective -visual and otherwise- in each frame.

  11. Lludria says:

    Lovely story! I saw a possum crossing the park one night, when I was twelve years old (^ ^) I found him so cute!! If your dad was a magician, I’m sure you are a magician too. Look what you make with your “crayons”!!
    Have a nice day! ♥

  12. Marianne says:

    This is a classic! Ditto on everyone else’s comments….his cape flying in the wind as he mows is my personal favorite. I really like the TREES. And I’m impressed with the many little details like the sweet little wildflowers surrounding the possum. Each drawing must take a really long time….thank you for the smiles!

  13. Mark says:

    thank you Caroline – I love it. Mark

  14. sue says:

    Just wonderful! Your attention to detail just adds to each drawing. You actually made the possum look “cute.” I’ve seen them up close and they are definitely not cute!

    • Hi Alarm Cat,
      Thanks for your nice comment. Yes, I think possums are really ugly and kind of scary. But I wanted to create a kind of happy children’s book feel to the story, so I went for cute. I’ll be over to visit you in the next days.

  15. balisha says:

    I just spent the weekend with my kids…telling them the old familiar stories and songs that my Dad is known for. They love hearing them over and over….and they are in their 40’s and 50’s. Now the grandkids love them too. We keep telling them so no one will ever forget.
    Your story pictures are the best…love all the detail on his desk. …including the old phone, like the one we had for years.. till our techy son bought us a new one…..Balisha

    • Hi Balisha
      That’s so great that you keep the stories afloat. It’s so important both for those living and those who have passed on. I’m glad you noticed the phone. It was hard for me to draw it.

  16. Dave Benforado says:

    Wonderful post Caroline! I love way you told the story. The water color drawings are great, and I like the way you preserved the color red throughout for Joe’s cape — it made each cape image very striking. And the images did bring out Joe’s eccentric presence.

  17. Oh, I wish that had happened to me. My last possum faker kept it up for a good three days and then he began to slump and liquefy. I waited still. Still waiting.

  18. Jill Wignall says:

    Hey, someone left a comment on my blog telling me about your blog, so I thought I’d visit and I think it’s great. Your stories and illustrations are great! I’ll certainly be coming back for more.

  19. Tari says:

    I love this, Caroline! I definitely see your father in your drawings, and your whole family gathered round to hear his tales. Quite beautiful on many levels!!

    • Hi Tari
      Thanks for stopping by. Now that I think of it, you could probably relate to the joys and sorrows of having a father who was a magician. Yes, I remember now that you sat at that round table several nights, didn’t you?

  20. Rick says:

    That was a great story, and great illustrations, here’s a story you might be able to use.
    I rescued 10 possie babies from a mother that had been shot and buried, they were in the ground for about 1 hr, after digging her up I found 10 little ones still alive in her pouch, 9 of the 10 survived with help from a friend, I had the pleasure of releasing 4 and my friend released the other 5, it was such a great feeling to see them wonder off, on our way out of the woods 2 of them crossed our path and looked up as if to say thank you and then went on their way.

    Rainier Oregon

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